Car Body Paintless Dent Repair Tools

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Effectively repair car dents with our professional Paintless Dent Repair Tools. Designed for easy and efficient use, these tools are perfect for any level of expertise. Improve your car's appearance and save time and money with our reliable, high-quality tools.


  • Product: dent lifter kits
  • Function 2: Hail damage repair tools
  • Function 1: Car Body Dent Repair

Pulling Bridge

Rubber hammer and leveling pen

20W 7MM Glue Gun and Glue Sticks,Tabs


How to use?

1.confirm the dent by line board suitable glue tabs

3.apply glue to the tabs 4.put tabs on the dent ,let the glue cool for about 5 minutes

5.mount dent lifter and pull up the dent repeatedly 6.or use the pulling bridge ,pull the dent several times

7.spray the alcohol liquid onto the glue 8.use the scraper to remove the glue

The Last

If the above steps are not successful, please repeat the operation. If there are raised spots on the surface after repair, please follow the steps below: 1. Press with your thumb until the raised point is flat; 2. If the pressing cannot be repaired, use a leveling pen to align the raised points, and gently tap with a rubber mallet, repeat several times until the repair is smooth.

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